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Men’s Grey Gym Shorts

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    Grey Gym Shorts for Men

    Shop Men’s Grey Gym and Workout Shorts

    Designed to move with you through every squat, deadlift and stride, our collection of grey gym shorts will have you feeling cool and ready to work out. Whether you’re pushing for a PB in the gym or striding towards a goal distance, you’ll want grey shorts that will have you feeling your best, helping you to push that little bit further.

    Keep comfortable with grey athletic shorts that are designed to support you, and help you reach your goals. Within our ranges, you can find features such as sweat-wicking fabrics that can work to keep you cool and dry, elasticated and drawcord waistbands for the perfect fit, and breathable designs that keep you feeling fresh, so you can focus on the workout ahead.

    You can find our men’s grey gym shorts available in a range of lengths and styles. Our 3” and 5” grey shorts make the perfect short-shorts for showing off your leg gains. Whilst our 9” and 7” grey shorts offer a little more coverage. The Arrival, Sport and Apex collections offer loose fitting shorts for a light and airy feel, whilst our baselayer grey shorts are more fitted, and designed to insulate heat and help reduce chafing. If you’re not sure which are best for you, check out our 2 in 1 grey shorts which combine the benefits of both.

    There’s more than just one shade of grey, express your style with shades from dark grey shorts to light grey shorts, and everything in-between. If you’re looking for something a little more distinctive, you can also find patterns, prints and graphics too! We even have cargo style grey shorts that are a real statement piece and perfect for wearing in the gym as well as to festivals or parties.

    Grey sweat shorts

    Whether you’re working out or lounging out on rest day, our grey sweat shorts are designed with comfort in mind. Available in collections such as Crest and Legacy, our grey sweat shorts combine features such as soft materials and elasticated waistbands for the ultimate comfy fit. You can even find pockets for carrying your valuables if you need to pop out and run errands.

    What to wear with grey shorts

    If you’re wondering what goes well with men’s grey shorts, worry not as we have some suggestions. Our shorts pair perfectly with a t-shirt, for a look that can take you from the gym to out with friends. Or, if you’re looking to show off your gains in the gym, then try our grey shorts with a stringer or vest. For an extra layer of warmth when travelling to and from the gym, our grey shorts look great with a hoodie.

    The best thing about grey gym shorts is how versatile they are, the colour matches seamlessly with other monochromes, such as black or white, but also works well with a pop of colour such as a vibrant orange or deep blue.