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Men’s Sweatshirts

Men’s Gym Sweatshirts

Layer up with one of our men’s sweatshirts. A wardrobe favourite all year round, a sweatshirt is cosy and comfortable, yet stylish and practical. Whether you’re off to workout or are chilling out on the weekends, our men’s sweatshirts have got you covered.

Types of men’s sweatshirt

Here at Gymshark, we have a range of different sweatshirts. Our crest sweatshirts are classic in design and offer a flattering fit. We also have a range of colours available from subtle monochromes and earthy tones to soft pastels.

How to style a sweatshirt

Our men’s sweatshirts are so versatile and can be worn anywhere and paired with anything. If you’re hitting the gym or having a well-deserved rest day, match your sweatshirt with a pair of joggers for ultimate comfort. Dress up your sweatshirt and pair it with some jeans or chinos for a smart-casual look.

Can I wear a sweatshirt to the gym?

You can absolutely wear a hoodie or sweatshirt to the gym. You’ll be able to warm up your muscles more quickly without sweating too much. If you get too warm, you can just slip it off.